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You can not have learned everything, done everything, unless you are Challenger / Diamond I, in which case you would not be there I think. If you believe you have mastered all the skills presented here or Mobile legends skills in general but you are still not Diamond, it is that you still have something to learn. 
Perhaps you are still above the other 9 players in terms of creeps, but you do not provide half the help that the other toplaner provided to his team in that same amount of time. There is always something to improve. Find out what you can do and you will have done half the way by using free mobile legends diamonds


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Some hardware recommendations for mobile legends hacktool Bad hardware: a decent mouse, a bad microphone, slow keyboard keys, poor play posture, a badly placed screen, an office chair too high or too far away, a too small mouse pad, a mouse that responds badly or jumps, etc. All these examples are things to work on if you feel that your material is braking you in any way. 


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We do not carry a game all by ourselves, we do not play CS: GO or a player can 1v5 the opposing team (I do not criticize, it's just a fact). Carry the game does not mean to do everything on its own. This means that we will systematically pull his team up. And it goes through a good lead. I'm not talking about a leader, because a lead involves giving a team goal, whereas a leader imposes his choices for his own benefit.
Taking the lead in a solo / duo Q team is quite simple. If you always win your lanes, move on the map to help others, ping as soon as there is danger your teammates will always be inclined to listen to you. Be wary however, sometimes another player meets the criteria of the lead and do not try to take his place if the team follows him. You have to let him lead or share the lead with him. Challenging a call made by a lead plunges your team into indecision. The indecision in LoL purely and simply returns to defeat. You should not impose yourself but suggest your choices that will seem relevant because you are at 2/0 and you have ganked twice botlane in addition to steal the blue at 7:15 with a well placed ward.
Lead returns to calling the right goals at the right time and improving his decision making (being able to do these good calls) is done through experience, especially as an organized team. Streams and other guides can teach you theory, but call a goal to his team in the heat of the action is far more tense, than quietly analyzing a situation in a stream. 

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